Miscellaneous notes

Therer are some not-so-serious miscellaneous thoughts, comments of mine about everything in an informal format using Vietnamese and English. Table of Contents Deep Learning and truely science researching “Thời gian trôi như chó chạy ngoài đồng” How to classify images of fruit Chuyện fake news, fake quotes và toxic information. References Deep Learning and truely science researching “too often where people will something against their own gut instincts because they think the community wants them to do it that way, so people will work on a certain subject even though they aren’t terribly interested in it because they think that they’ll get more prestige by working on it.

Why Ubuntu on Windows?

For programming purposes, I prefer Linux to Windows. However, Windows is really good at entertaining and office works. Beside, Microsoft Office is the best office suit I ever have experienced, and OneNote is one of my favorite note-taking software. Not to mention my beloved Bilizzard games such as Diablo, Starcraft and other video games. A solution to integrate Windows and Linux in one machine is to install dual-boot. However, I am tired of switching between 2 OSs.