Programming Pearls

Programing Pearls - Jon Bentley Excellent. Until now, there is no such book which makes me shout out like this after receiving from Amazon. Let brieftly review some favoriate books: CLRS: theoretically, this really is an “introduction” textbook about algorithms. Nonetheless, it still is an extensive reference and full of details. However, I am not impressed by the writing style and the pseudo-code. Algorithms, Sedgewick: one of the best textbooks ever.

Selected Papers on Computer Science (Don Knuth) and the current state of Deep Learning

Book Info: Description Title Selected Papers on Computer Science [Amazon] Author Donald Knuth Pages 276 This is the most accessible book from Don Knuth. Although I was published nearly 20 years ago, it still is a classic computer science book. In Amazon, there is an interesting comment about the book from Peter Norvig (Director of Google Research).