Why Ubuntu on Windows?

For programming purposes, I prefer Linux to Windows. However, Windows is really good at entertaining and office works. Beside, Microsoft Office is the best office suit I ever have experienced, and OneNote is one of my favorite note-taking software. Not to mention my beloved Bilizzard games such as Diablo, Starcraft and other video games. A solution to integrate Windows and Linux in one machine is to install dual-boot. However, I am tired of switching between 2 OSs.


General Show the information of a variable. It is very useful when we the code takes so much memory: whos <variable name>. Sum of squared of elements: sumsqr(X). Use sum(sum(A.^2, 1)) instead if you want to use less memory. Memory optimizations tips and tricks: [Undocumented Matlab] Use column-based representation instead of the row-based one. For example, to represent a list of items from 1 to 5, use 1 2 3 4 5.

Install the OpenCV library on Visual Studio

Compiling the libray There are many benefits of compiling the library from source instead of using the pre-compiled version: Supporting the latest IDE (Vision Studio). For example, pre-compiled OpenCV 3.0 (22/11/2015) is not compatible with Visual Studio 2015. Be able to customize the library, we can add several options to OpenCV, for example, we can add APIs for Kinect SDK, OpenCL, Python, etc. Down the source code for the Windows environment here.